We Turned One!

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since the launch of Chuck and Chops Fine Foods – and what a year it has been! From the moment we decided to start up this company, we knew we wanted to be a little different than other businesses that also occupy this space. First of all, we wanted convenience to be a big factor for you. That's why we introduced online ordering and a scheduled delivery time that suits your busy life. We have heard your feedback about this and we're glad to say that it has been a success.

We’ve done some more hard work of building relationships with local suppliers and established good terms with many of them. This has allowed us to focus on delivering high-quality products that you've come to love and expect. We continuously check that products are up to our high standards before making sure you and your family enjoy them.

To all of our customers, friends, and family, thank you.

Thank you for willing to work with us in our start-up year, we appreciate your trust in us to do what we do. There have been many lessons learned, some hard ones, but also lots of shared successes. We will continue this journey to adapt and improve as well as learn from what we have experienced.

So year one is in the books and we can’t wait to see what else year two will bring.