We Moved Into a New Space!

We're excited to announce that we have moved into a bigger workspace located in central Toronto. We spent the previous few months at a building with shared space and while it served us well, we needed our own place to be more flexible -- and we're really excited about it! While we were happy with our previous space, there were several motivating factors to make a move:

  • Space. When we first moved into our last shared workspace, we were just launching and needed a starting point that was functional. Working space was limited, but we made it happen. A few months after launch, we were coming across several limitations that weren't letting us work to our full capacity. So the hunt was on for a new space. The new larger space allowed us to figure out an efficient layout and while it's still modest, it gives us the flexibility we need to do all our work and storage.
  • Location. The new space is near the junction of Hwy 400 and Hwy 401 so it has great access to major routes and we have already found it extremely convenient. Our last shared space was on the east end of the city and wasn't central enough, meaning if we needed to go back to pick up more products mid-day, it was out of the way. The new space is more central and provides quicker access to our customers -- meaning more flexible and last-minute deliveries.
  • Cost. Space is not cheap anywhere in Toronto. However, we think we lucked out a bit by finding this workspace and the costs are reasonable (which surprised us!). With the ability to expand and scale within the building itself, we will call this Chuck and Chops HQ for the foreseeable future. 

It has been an exciting few months so far and a whirlwind few weeks of planning and moving, and we look at this new location as the start of another chapter of our story. We're still working on getting settled in and making it our space, but we're incredibly excited to be in it.

Thanks for everyone's support thus far and we're happy that we're able to deliver the high-quality products that you expect every time we're at your doorstep.