Our Recipe: Good Family, Good Food

We learned a lot from our family. Afterall, our dad was in the wholesale food and goods distribution business for more than 35 years. He knew good food, how to source it, and provided a tailored level of service to his restaurant customers that many couldn't compete with. He is also a great cook! As teens, we worked with him during our summers and holidays to learn about how the business operated. We also learned about the hard physical work including moving 40 kg bags of flour and rice on our shoulders, lifting heavy boxes of meat and other awkwardly heavy goods. But one of the most important things we learned about was our dad's work ethic. It was unwavering. Through bad weather, through tiredness, even through illness, he persisted to make sure his customers got what they needed. And it is what we've come to embrace in our business.

As a tight-knit family, we've come to appreciate every meal with good conversation and good food. And that is our recipe that we want to share with you. We're committed to sourcing some of the best meats and seafood available out there. From daily good eats to premium products you'd normally find only available at high-end retailers and restaurants, we're always listening to you to find out what you like eating and what you like feeding your family. We're also continuing our mission to look for more true organic products from sustainable and trusted sources to help improve and promote healthy lifestyles and healthy eating.

We love to eat the same products we sell and some of you will notice that we've included cooking methods, recipes, and videos in product descriptions. This is the same way we like cooking it for ourselves and for our family and friends and we hope it'll spark some inspiration for you in your own kitchen. If you ever have questions about products you've never tried before or want to learn more about cooking certain cuts, just ask! We're more than happy to recommend something for you. 

Cheers to Spring -- a time for new beginnings and new things. 

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