Australian Rack of Lamb

4 x 1.5 lb rack portions per box


Nothing makes your mouth water like a nice, juicy, rack of lamb! These Australian racks of lamb are a perfect treat for guests at your next dinner gathering. Extremely tender and succulent, they require just a touch of seasoning to highlight its natural flavours.

How Chops likes it

Sous vide it! Seriously. Heat your water bath to 130F and submerge your seasoned and bagged rack for 1 to 4 hours. Remove from the bag and dry it thoroughly. Heat a cast iron skillet and sear the rack fat side down. Adding butter and aromatics and finish the other side until a nice crust has formed. Rest, cut and serve!

Here's a detailed read on Serious Eats.

The market price of Australian rack of lamb may fluctuate throughout the year. Contact us for a price update.