Pork Chops by Chuck and Chops

Berkshire pigs are raised naturally and sustainably. Berkshire pork chops have a higher fat content and delicious marbling to give them a juicy, tender, and full-bodied flavour. These cuts are the same you will find at many high-end restaurants.

Nagano pork chops are aged, premium cuts with nice marbling, pinker colour, and all natural taste. Hand cut to include the Frenched bone. Nagano pigs are raised humanely using the high-quality feed of grains, barley, and wheat, and no animal by-products.

Our regular Frenched bone-in pork chops are a go-to meal option in any kitchen. The bone helps add more flavour and retains more moisture to insulate the meat from drying out during baking, searing, or grilling. Lean with some natural marbling provides a great source of protein.

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